Sunday, October 21, 2012

Notes from the Programmers.

Hi Folks,

Please see below our VGP game programmers' requests for Coast-Guard Game.
I separated them in mobile and desktop version. Both groups are using flash. So, there might be some overlaps.

Thank you in advance.

Request from Flash programmers:

-Crop images so that the bounds of the white space fits snug against the actual images.
-Organize the files on the UAM so that everything is easily accessible and easy to find (Make everything a PNG)
-Decide on the screen size of the game in pixels(we're thinking 800px * 500px), then proportion everything else according to that
-Need final version of Main Menu and Pause Menu
-Images of the health bar (life buoy) completely full, and then separate images of it depleting by eighths  
-Instructions menu
-Game Design Documents for the main Game and mini games.


Request from Mobile programmers

-Sky background
    Max width 800px
    Max height 480px
    Single wave object that we can move around to make the wave effect.
    We could use a slightly light and slightly dark version to make a depth effect with objects in the waves
-Animated Helicopter blades
    Top rotor and tail rotor
    We need the top rotor animated. We can use some kind of animation from flash but we could also use all the frames together if possible
    For the tail rotor, there was a tail rotor in our assets folder but it didn't have curved lines for the animation.
-We need the boxes to pick up with the basket
-We need the graphics for the fuel bar.
    1px wide and however tall object of the actual health bar
Picture included.
Trapazoid shape to fit on an screen size.
4 buttons with the coast guard emblem possibly as the medals button
resume button at the bottom

the center area will also resume by default but will then add the dialogue for any menu. For instance, it will add the medals displayed in the middle, the tutorial image? will appear there as well as restart dialogue.
Space left on the bottom right for possible data in the future.

Health and fuel
    Is there health?
    Does fuel degrade as time pass as well as when you do something wrong?
    Do you gain fuel for positive actions as well as fuel tanks?
    Is there fuel tanks in the water?
    How should the bucket behave?
    Should it drop people if the bucket with a person gets back to the water?


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