Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 2 - Assignment 3 - Rebecca & Pablo

AiW App Requirements

Icons look awesome.

Here are some feedback from IPhone developer.

Attached should be a screenshot with the icons in the app. Just for the sake of comparison, I wouldn't mind seeing what the app looks like without the inner edge on the icon. You can see for yourself what it looks like on the iPhone though. Also, just for comparison, I included a screenshot of the app icon currently there on the iPhone home screen that I made very fast during development.

App resolutions

App icon

These are the different resolutions for the actual app on the iPhone home screen. Based off my template, the curves are just a little off. I can send the icons I'm currently using as a template for the iPhone version.

iPhone icon


iPad icons


The app store also asks for: 


Also, having the 512x512 version of the logo that isn't rounded of might help, if that is at all possible.

Launch screens

These pop up when the app is first clicked. They are a splash screen or loading screen. Currently, it is the Ai logo against a white background. It should be attached. It can be simple or not simple. It will be visible for 1 second at times but it is the first thing the user will see.

iPhone: 320x480
iPhone Retina 3.5 in: 640x960
iPhone Retina 4 in: 640x1136

The iPad has it's own set of launch screens. For whatever reason, you can launch apps from portait and landscape so they ask for both.

iPad Portrait: 768x1004
iPad Landscape: 1024x748
iPad Portrait Retina: 1536x2008
iPad Landscape Retina: 2048x1496

Campus Map Logos

I would also like small logos for each of the floors in the campus map page. I wanted each floor to have a logo related to the major that is on that floor. Currently, there is just a smaller version of the campus map but I would like there to be logos. A screenshot should be attached with the list.

On the screen, those icons are:


Departments Info Logos
Not in the current version of the app is a section that links to each department. Each department should have it's own icon. Previously, we used icons from an internal website but they could be redesigned to match the rest of the icons.

On the screen, these icons would be:


Loading Screen

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